About WellBusters

Well busters is a one stop company specializing in the manufacturing of custom well products as well as being a network of Ministry of the Environment licensed water well contractors, consultants, well technicians and assistants that provide prompt and reliable well and water supply services. If you have a well pit, you should consider upgrading. Current regulations in Ontario prohibit construction of pits. Upgrading or improving your well to meet new regulations helps insure your drinking water is protected.


Well Busters has the best technology, personnel and equipment to rapidly upgrade your well and give you peace of mind. If you have an unused well, it is your legal responsibility to have it decommissioned. Well Busters specializes in properly abandoning old or unused wells.


If you are in the real estate market, or need information on the performance and efficiency of your water supply, Well Busters can test well flows and evaluate all aspects of water supply systems and conduct well inspections with video well cameras to access the integrity of the well.


Well Busters can assess your well and help you determine if your well meets modern construction requirements and if you are at risk of drinking water contamination.


Important Questions to ask regarding your Well Water Quality

Is your well compliant with Provincial Code?